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Otter medicine pendant

Otter medicine pendant

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This whimsical design gives the feel and flow of moving water.It’s surrounds the ceramic Laura Mears otter face in a very playful way. Sterling silver pattern wire, a dark patina fill in all the details.

The core of the otter’s symbolism lies the essence of joy. As it frolics and dances in the water, the otter exemplifies the art of finding joy in the simplest of moments. The spiritual medicine of the otter encourages us to seek joy in our daily lives, to find pleasure in even the most mundane tasks, and to cultivate a lightheartedness that infuses our days with happiness.

Beyond joy, the otter epitomizes playfulness. In its exuberant and carefree behavior, the otter showcases the value of play as an essential aspect of life. The spiritual energy of the otter urges us to embrace our playful nature, to engage in activities that bring us delight, and to explore the world with a sense of curiosity and wonder. By embracing the otter’s spirit of playfulness, we can experience a renewed sense of creativity, foster innovation in our endeavors, and nurture a sense of spontaneity that adds a touch of magick to our lives~

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